Condition of participation


Permission to start is subject to acceptance of the conditions of participation. All courses are only open for inspection before and after the Challenge. The inspection and the training are the responsibility of the respective athlete and must be carried out under consideration of the rights of the neighbours and property owners. The participation is exposed to risks already by reason of the nature of the event. The participant undertakes to adapt his/her participation to both his/her own abilities and the the actual situation on site while exercising due care for himself/herself and for others in any case.


All persons who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to start. The participant confirms that he/she is in a suitable state of health for participation in the event and that he/she has no recent injuries and that he/she has sufficient health insurance cover. The participant acknowledges that participation under the influence of alcohol, narcotics and/or medication is prohibited.

Personal responsibility:

It is at the discretion of the respective participant to start his or her race, even if the race director releases the challenge. Should the race director interrupt the challenge, his order must be obeyed without fail. Furthermore, the respective legal regulations must be observed and complied with during the Challenge (e.g. road traffic regulations).


All routes partly lead into unsafe terrain. It is therefore recommended to inform yourself in advance about the condition, the course and the dangers that may lurk along the route. However, caution is generally advised! Questions about the course are to be asked during the course inspection to avoid ambiguities and thus wrong choice of course, use of unauthorised paths / shortcuts etc. by the team member and to prevent a consequent disqualification. The courses are open for inspection only on the day before.


The instructions of the organiser’s staff (race director, start and finish judges, timekeepers, marshals, Steyr staff, station supervisors, police and fire brigade etc.) must be followed without fail. If an instruction is not followed, the respective participant will be disqualified. The disqualification will be carried out immediately by the official staff of the organiser on the competition course or by the organiser still presenting evidence. A disqualification can also be pronounced if, due to various circumstances, the start is interrupted by the organiser’s personnel, but the participant nevertheless starts and continues the respective challenge.


Unfair or dangerous actions of any kind towards other participants will result in immediate disqualification.

Picture rights:

By participating in the Steyr Challenge 2022, each participant grants the organiser, STEYR ARMS GmbH and its partner companies the irrevocable right to evaluate and publish the recordings (audio and video) made by him/her in connection with participation in the Steyr Challenge without compensation and without temporal or spatial restriction by means of any technical process for any permitted purpose (in particular also for marketing purposes). Furthermore, the participant confirms by his signature that he has read and understood the information sheet on the data protection declaration, which contains all the necessary information on the processing of data and on his rights, and which can be viewed at any time at has been handed over to him.


The participant waives any liability on the part of the organiser and the persons and other vicarious agents commissioned by the organiser within the framework of the event for any damage incurred by the participant to his/her person or the person of third parties or to his/her property/properties or the property/properties of a third party as a result of a damaging event during or in connection with the event. Notwithstanding this waiver, liability on the part of the organiser and the persons commissioned by the organiser within the framework of the event for its implementation and other vicarious agents shall in any case be limited to gross negligence and intent. The participant is aware of the risks of participation and acts at his or her own risk. Equally excluded is any liability for damage to the participant’s property and/or assets or damage to third parties of whatever nature caused by the participant. Insofar as the participant (co-)causes or can be held (co-)responsible for claims of third parties, in particular under the title of compensation for damages, the participant shall indemnify and hold harmless the organiser and the persons and other vicarious agents commissioned by the organiser within the framework of the event for its implementation in their entirety in the event of a claim being made by the injured third party.


The course partly leads into high alpine terrain. Each participant has to take care that the race course or the surrounding landscape is polluted as little as possible.

Covid19 – Measures:

Each participant must have a negative coronary test not older than 48 hours at the time of registration or event participation. The negative test result must be presented at registration or upon request by staff. If you or any of your colleague’s experience symptoms of illness, please avoid contact with others and contact your local health authority. Do not come onto the event site under any circumstances!

Austrian law applies exclusively with the exception of its referral norms. Place of jurisdiction shall be 1010 Vienna.